Developed a library to get Kindle collection list in Python

It was very convenient to read How to get the list of Kindle books.

In this,

According to the information provided by @ error_401 If you are using Kindle for PC, XML containing book information will be generated. It seems that it is also possible to parse this XML and get a list of books. See the comments section of this article for details.

So I tried to develop a simple Kindle collection list acquisition library, which also serves as a practice for Python.

How to use

Check out Github below.


During development, I often thought "I want to try that too" and "I might be happy if there is such a function", but I tried to make it as simple and reusable as possible. ..

Therefore, the library was completed in an hour or two, but I feel that it is better to make it with such a relaxed shoulder.

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Developed a library to get Kindle collection list in Python
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