[LINUX] Count the number of characters in the text on the clipboard on mac



pbpaste | wc -m


Application example

I want to count the number of characters including the number of lines

Add the -l option.

pbpaste | wc -ml

Two numbers are now output, the first corresponds to the number of lines and the second corresponds to the number of characters.

I want to count the number of characters with line breaks removed

Delete the newline character with the tr command.

pbpaste | tr -d '\n' | wc -m

I want to count the number of characters with line breaks and spaces removed

Use the tr command to remove whitespace and newline characters.

pbpaste | tr -d '\n' | tr -d ' ' | wc -m

I want to encode to another character code and count the number of characters

Put the nkf command in between with the appropriate options. ISO-2022-JP

pbpaste | nkf -j | wc -m


pbpaste | nkf -s | wc -m


pbpaste | nkf -e | wc -m


pbpaste | nkf -w16 | wc -m


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