[LINUX] A shell program that becomes aho in multiples of 3


I created it as a small story of Bash programming. Was it popular in the past? A multiple of 3 or a number that includes 3 is aho.



echo -n "Please input end number => "
read num


while (( $count <= $num ))
  if (( $count % 3 == 0 ))
      echo "aho"
    else if  [ "`echo $count | grep 3`" ]
        echo "aho"
        echo $count
  (( count+=1 ))
  sleep 1

Execution result

$ ./aho.sh

Please input end number => 15

in conclusion

By creating this program

--Branch syntax --Repeating syntax --test command ([] or ``) --Bash's manners

I understand.

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