Use WDC-433SU2M2 with Manjaro Linux

Use WDC-433SU2M2 with Manjaro Linux


I bought a USB slave unit for WIFI of ELECOM for my own machine, so when I inserted it, it did not work, so I will summarize the correspondence. Basic for your own notes


driver Get the source from github.

# git clone

patch Patch the following sources. Added one line.


#ifdef CONFIG_RTL8821A
・ ・ ・(abridgement)・ ・ ・
	{USB_DEVICE(0x056e, 0x400e),.driver_info = RTL8821}, /* WDC-433SU2M2 */


# make
# sudo cp 8812au.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
# sudo depmod

Stuck point

There was no header

I don't think there are many people like this, but when I first patched it, there was no kernel header. When I tried to install headers with pacman, I was in trouble because pacman didn't have the best headers. I simply didn't update pacman ... Ω \ ζ °) chain

Kernel update

I reinstall the driver every time I update the kernel. I also tried for dkms, but it doesn't seem to work? It may be supported soon.


Since I am a beginner, there may be mistakes, so please give me any suggestions.

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