[LINUX] Ubuntu blew up when I tried to change my username

at first

My laptop had dual boots of Windows and Ubuntu, and all the usual development was done by Ubuntu. Meanwhile, I was suddenly driven by the urge to change my Ubuntu user name. I wonder if this will become a nightmare later. A boy who just moves with curiosity will experience despair. An OS that dies after ~~ 100 seconds. ~~

I just tried to change my username

So I first tried to log in to the root user

[myname@ubuntu]$sudo su -

You will be asked for the password here, so enter the password. Then, the $ in the middle became # indicating the root user, and the display on the left became root properly. I was able to log in to the root user. here

[root@ubuntu]#usermod -l New user name Old user name

Hit to change the username, then

[root@ubuntu]# cd /home
[root@ubuntu]#mv old username/New username/
[root@ubuntu]# vim /etc/passwd

I even changed the user name on Vim. Here it is. I suddenly noticed.

*** I can't speak Japanese ***

I wrote down the information one by one in Scrapbox and noticed, but the Roman character input did not work. I didn't really care about my Ubuntu because it caused a little cracking of sound, and if I wasn't careful, the cursor for character input flew in the direction of the movement, and various problems were observed. However, immediately after that, another incident was seen.

*** C h r o m e has dropped ***

"It seems that an error has occurred internally, so please contact Scrapbox." I thought, "Oh, that's bad" **. That's why you brought back the Vim changes you made earlier. Then Scrapbox was restored. I'm glad, did Japanese input get better?

Not cured

I hurried back to the original username. If I remember now, I might just feel like I've fixed it.


After returning to general users with

[myname@ubuntu]$sudo su -

I tried logging in to the root user with. Then what about?


** You didn't see any user information on the left, right? ** "Yababababa." I went back to the previous procedure many times and reviewed the user settings. However, the root user information is not displayed at all. I tried to restart Ubuntu by dropping it once, saying, "If this happens, it will be restarted." image.png *** I didn't go from this screen. ***finished. You can fall asleep forever without restarting. But after a few minutes, there was a change in the screen. "Oh! Have you returned?" I have a faint expectation in my heart. image.png ** Ruthless W e l c o m e **

No more Linux distributions have faced every day trying to customize their UI like a Mac and study programming with them during Spring Break. There's only fake Ubuntu anymore. Fortunately or unfortunately, almost all the code files were uploaded to GitHub, so it was okay, but I set it when I went to Server Study Group The SSH private key that was used has passed away. I wonder if this can be set from the beginning ... It's tough ...


I want to say at the end

I don't know why the data is blown away, but then it comes suddenly. I'm really glad this didn't happen on Windows. Everyone, I won't say bad things. *** Back up all the files on your PC now. *** Source code to GitHub. The image you downloaded? If you put it in Google Photo, it is safe for the time being. Even if the OS itself is blown away, recovery works relatively well, but *** Probably the files will not come back. *** Keep a backup on a regular basis so that you don't get the same eyes as me, so you can minimize the damage in case of emergency.

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