[LINUX] Steps to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox


I installed VirtualBox and Ubuntu on my Mac because I wanted to study Linux and the environment. I would like to keep it as my memorandum.


Install VirtualBox

Download from the download menu.


--Download VirtualBox platform pagkages (select OS X)

--Download VM VirtualBox Extension Pack (select All supported platforms)

--Install the downloaded platform package. --Install the downloaded VM VirtualBox Extension Pack.

Install ubuntu

Click Download to download


Click Download Ubuntu Desktop Japanese Remix

--Click ubuntu-ja-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso (ISO image) to download

Start VirtualBox

Click the new button

--Set the name and disguise computer name on the operating system screen and click "Continue" qiita_ubuntu2.png

--Specify memory size (4096MB or more is preferable) qiita_ubuntu3.png

--Select "Create Virtual Hard Disk" on the hard disk screen and click the Create button. qiita_ubuntu4.png

--Select VDI on the hard disk file type screen and click "Continue" qiita_ubuntu5.png

--Specify the size on the storage screen on the physical hard disk (select variable size this time) qiita_ubuntu7.png

--Set the size on the file location and size screen (minimum 16GB, if you want to use it in normal operation, want about 100GB) and click "Create" qiita_ubuntu8.png

--Click "Settings" qiita_ubuntu9.png

--Click "Storage" qiita_ubuntu10.png

--Select "Empty", click the disk mark, and select "ubuntu-ja-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso". Then click "OK" qiita_ubuntu12.png

--Click the "Start" button to start the installation

--Click "Install Ubuntu"


--Select "Japanese" on the keyboard layout page qiita_ubuntu14.png

--On the Updates and Other Software screens, select "Install graphics and wi-Fi hardware and third-party software in additional media formats" qiita_ubuntu15.png

--On the installation type screen, select "Remove disk and install Ubuntu" and click "Install". qiita_ubuntu16.png

--Select "ubuntu-ja-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso" on the screen for selecting the boot hard disk, and click "Boot". qiita_ubuntu19.jpg

--You will be asked "Do you want to write your changes to disk?", So click "Continue". qiita_ubuntu20.png

――You will be asked "Where do you live?", So select "Tokyo" and click "Continue". qiita_ubuntu21.png

--On the "Enter your information" screen, set your name, computer name, user name and password, and click "Continue". qiita_ubuntu22.png

--Installation starts qiita_ubuntu23.png

--On the installation completion screen, click "Restart Now"![Qiita_ubuntu24.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/510569/fac84191- c739-df33-12cd-5d7cbb4faebe.png)

--Controller: Remove "ubuntu-ja-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso" from the IDE, close the screen with the OK button, then click "Enter" qiita_ubuntu25.png

--Return to the top screen and click on the account created. qiita_ubuntu26.png

--Enter the password you set earlier and click "Sign in" qiita_ubuntu27.png

--Go to activity, search for "terminal" in the search bar and go to terminal. qiita_ubuntu28.png

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