Start a process with a scheduling policy on Linux

Scheduling policy types and their descriptions are beyond the scope of this article. (It may be added later)

How to start a process with a scheduling policy

Use the chrt command. Specify FIFO with -f.

$ sudo  chrt -f 38 yes > /dev/null &

Policy confirmation.

$ sudo chrt -p 32407
pid 32407's current scheduling policy: SCHED_OTHER
pid 32407's current scheduling priority: 0

Then, it is SCHED_OTHER. Why···

Additional investigation

$ sudo chrt -f 1 yes > /dev/null &

The scheduling policy displayed by chrt -p and the scheduling policy displayed by cls of the ps command are different. (FF should be SCHED_FIFO)

$ ps -C yes -o comm,pid,ppid,cls,rtprio,%cpu
yes             27629 27628  FF      1 94.2
$ chrt -p 27629
pid 27629's current scheduling policy: SCHED_OTHER
pid 27629's current scheduling priority: 0


Quiet talk

The following two processes running the same program (1) The process in which the SCHED_FIFO process is changed to SCHED_OTHER by chrt. (2) SCHED_OTHER process

Looking at the output of top, both have about the same CPU usage.

  626 ec2-user  20   0  132m 7088 4304 R 49.8  0.7   7:53.42
  722 ec2-user  20   0  132m 6980 4196 R 49.8  0.7   3:45.94

Checking with the ps command, the CPU usage is biased as follows.

[ec2-user@ip-172-21-0-185 experiment]$ ps -C -o comm,pid,ppid,cls,rtprio,pri,ni,%cpu
COMMAND           PID  PPID CLS RTPRIO PRI  NI %CPU      626 26292  TS      -  19   0 69.1      722 26292  TS      -  19   0 35.4

Why··· Furthermore, it is a mystery that the total of% CPU exceeds 100.

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