[LINUX] SSH login to the target server from Windows with a click of a shortcut

This is a method of logging in without being prompted to enter the user name after setting up login using the public key certificate in Putty.


-Download Putty latest version --Installing Putty --Save the public key login settings from the Putty settings screen --Create a batch file to execute by specifying "Public key login setting" and "User" in Putty

Public key login settings

Create and save Putty settings as shown in the screen below.



Create a batch file to execute by specifying "Public key login setting" and "User" in Putty

Save the following file with a file name such as "fileserver.bat".

cd "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\"
start /B putty.exe -load fileserver -l username

The point of the above bat file is to call putty with start / B. The point is that the dos window does not remain after puttingty is started.

Bonus (How to set public key login on Linux server)

This is the setting method for logging in to the public key on the Linux side. Please do this with the user who wants to log in automatically.

Here, as a sample, it is carried out by the test user.

# .Move to ssh directory (create if not)
cd ~/.ssh

#Create a public / private key pair
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f `hostname`

#Check the created file
ls -la `hostname`*
# -rw------- 1 test test 1823 Feb 16 13:11 fileserver
# -rw-r--r-- 1 test test  397 Feb 16 13:11 fileserver.pub

# .authorized pub_Added to keys
cat `hostname`.pub >> authorized_keys
chmod 0600 authorized_keys

#Show private key> puttygen in Putty installation folder.Load with exe and save as ppk file
cat `hostname`

#Private key and authorized_Delete the public key posted in keys
rm `hostname`
rm `hostname`.pub

#Confirm file deletion
ls -la `hostname`*
ls: cannot access 'fileserver*': No such file or directory


Previously, after launching Putty, you logged in by double-clicking on the saved settings and entering your username when logging in. However, by creating the above batch file and pinning it to the taskbar, I was able to log in to my favorite server immediately.

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