[LINUX] [sh] How to store the command execution result in a variable

I use it when I want to execute a command in the shell, divide the result, and store it in a variable.

$ set $(echo "1 2 3" | awk -F" " '{print $1, $2, $3}' )
$ echo $1
$ echo $2
$ echo $3

Combined with the ps command, the zombie process with PPID = 1 I'm using it to get rid of it.

cmd="Zombie process name"   #Zombie process created by bugs
ppid=1                  # PPID=1

ps all | while read F UID PID
    set $(ps o pid,ppid,cmd -p $PID | tail -n1 | awk -F" " '{print $1, $2, $3}'
    if [ $ppid = $2 ] && [ $cmd = $3 ] ; then
        sudo kill -9 $PID

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