[LINUX] Programming to learn from books May 7

Principles and practices of programming in C ++


Chapter 19 vector, template, exception

--The assignment operator returns a reference to the object to which it is assigned. The notation for it is * this --In general, the number of elements of the source Vector is the same as that of the destination vector. Copy the element to the area already reserved by vector --The tools and techniques used in the standard library are one of the most useful to the programmer's code. --A template is basically a mechanism that allows a programmer to use a type as a parameter of a class or function. Then, if you specify a specific one as an argument, the compiler will generate a specific class or function. --A simple for statement can be written in one line

for(int i=0;i<sz;++i) elem[i]=0;

A book for anyone who wants to be a machine learning engineer


Chapter 6 Services using AI technology that is familiar to us

――Echo is increasing its global share. I bought the echo spot two years ago and recently started using it again, but it's much easier to use.

Chapter 7 Know-how for business

――Whether the data is stored in the analysis DB is the line of whether to introduce AI to the company. --Aiming for development that can be completed in 1 to 2 months for customers ――It makes me feel uncomfortable if I don't balance privacy and convenience when using customer data. --There are hints in other industry cases to improve the lines of models and data

Chapter 8 Isn't it a dream to move abroad? AI engineer circumstances in each country

――Data scientists get 24 to 36 million yen in Silicon Valley, and if you work on Google or Facebook, you can get several times that amount. ――In Silicon Valley, it is said that you can do better research in a company than in academia. ――At Google headquarters, even if you retire due to starting a business, you will be given the right to return to work within a year or two. ――It is said that if you throw a stone, you will hit a startup. ――In Shenzhen, China, WeChat payment is so widespread that it is said that even homeless people collect money with QR codes. --Nextflix has AlpahGo Movie, a documentary film by Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind who made AlphaGo. --Nature is the top journal, DeepMind's papers can be found in such media ――In Southeast Asia, there is no data in the first place, and IT is not widespread, so it will take some time before AI business becomes popular. ――In Vietnam, the average age is less than 30 years old, AI engineers are trained at famous universities, and Mathematical Olympiad medalists are surrounded at startups. ――Indians can connect to Silicon Valley because they can speak English, and Vietnamese can connect to Japanese because they cannot speak.

AI glossary

--Kaggle Data Analysis Competition Site Some with prize money --PyTorch Machine learning library created by Facebook --TensorFlow A machine learning library created by Google. World share top --Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence> Machine learning> Deep learning --Chatbot is one of the application examples of natural language processing, aiming for human-like dialogue. IBM's Watson is famous --Library: Google's TensorFlow, Facebook's PyTorch, Preferred Networks' Chainer, etc. are famous. The reason why Python is so popular is that it has the most productivity libraries.

Data Scientist Training Reader: Introduction to Machine Learning


Chapter 4 Application Recommendation and Anomaly Detection

—— The more samples that deviate from the mean, the greater the variance --The more samples near the average, the smaller the variance. --The Mahalanobis distance is often used to measure the degree of sample disengagement. --For each user, the total is 1. In other words, the size information has disappeared, and the user who clicked the campaign 1 only once (1/1 = 1) and the user who clicked 100 times (100/100 = 1) have the same characteristics.

A book where you can learn the basics of LPIC in a week


Chapter 1 Linux and open source, preparation for learning

--The program that is the core of the Linux OS is called the kernel, but originally Linux is the name given to the kernel. --The kernel is like an engine in a car --A distribution is a Linux kernel that contains libraries, tools, and installers and is provided as a single product. --Most of the software that makes up the distribution is open source software. Therefore, even individuals can create distributions by combining the Linux kernel and open source software. Some are developed by companies and sold for a fee --The Raspberry Pi was originally made for education --Linux is the majority of mobile phone operating systems --Most of the Top500 supercomputer systems are Linux

CODE COMPLETE Aiming for perfect programming



--Code construction accounts for 65% of small projects and 50% of medium-sized projects. 75% of small size, 50 to 75% of medium size and above are construction errors

Buddha's words

https://amzn.to/2A4nVdf ** I think we need to know human weaknesses to create artificial intelligence that saves humans **

Chapter 3 Great Chapter

――Ripeness drops quickly. Similarly, those born must die --The person born of Brahmin's mother is not called Brahmin, but the person who meets and has no attachment is called Brahmin. ――A person who is innocent but endures being cursed, beaten, and detained, has patience, and has a fierce heart is called a Brahmin. -A person who is not polluted by various lusts is called a brahmin ――The people who have already lost the suffering of accidents in this world, unload the burden, and are not captive are called Brahmin. ――A person who has no place to live and has a low greed is called a Brahmin, regardless of who he is. --A person who is between hostile and non-hostile, who is between those who use violence and who is calm, and who is between those who are obsessed and who is not obsessed is called Brahmin. ――A person who speaks true words that clearly convey things and does not offend any person's emotions is called a brahmin. --A person who does not take what is not given is called a brahmin --A person who is not excited, has no suspicions, has no attachment, and is at ease is called Brahmin. --A person who has run out of love is called a Brahmin --A person who abandons human bonds and leaves all bonds is called a brahmin. --A healthy person who has overcome pleasure and discomfort, is pure and cool, and has overcome the whole world without being trapped is called Brahmin. ――A person who doesn't own anything, is obsessed with everything without a sentence, and doesn't take control is called Brahmin. ――It does not become a Brahmin by birth. It is a Brahmin by the act. --The wise man sees the act as it is. They are auspicious and are familiar with the act (karma) and its rewards. ――Become a Brahmin by enthusiastic training, pure deeds, control of the senses, and self-control. --Mr. Monk, you have a long life in Guren Hell. It's hard to count it as hundreds of years or hundreds of thousands of years --A person who tells a lie falls into hell ――It's nasty, dishonest, and lowly. It kills creatures, is evil, and does evil deeds. Extremely inferior, ominous, unsuccessful. Don't talk too much in this world. You're going to hell ――The survival of this hell that the sinner sees is truly miserable. Therefore, one must not shake what should be done in the rest of the world.

Learn from the internet

--Clear to delete the past commands of the terminal --History -c to clear the terminal history --To operate the hosts file, sudo vi / private / etc / hosts


――The next university class is data structures and algorithms, and the next is object-oriented, so I want to study in a C ++ book and move on to machine learning. ――I will take an LPIC class in the next semester, so I want to do the study myself and get a qualification. I will use Linux later on a database server. ――I want to keep reading various books evenly so that I won't get bored. ――I want to transfer to a higher-ranked university as soon as possible. Limited to warm cousins

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