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The best sleep to rejuvenate your brain


Chapter 1 Lack of sleep causes dementia

--Sleep reduced AB42 levels in the morning by 6% compared to the evening ――After sleep deprivation, the intensity of both happiness and sadness weakens.

Exercise is the only way to train your brain


Preface to connect

――When exercising, serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. Increases important neurotransmitters involved in thoughts and emotions ――If you have any emotional problems and know that they have a biological basis, you don't feel guilty and know how to control their biological effects. For example, you don't have to feel helpless. --Exercise is more effective than sertraline hydrochloride in treating depression, researchers at Duke University reported in The New York Times

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Revolution Case Study on Exercise and the Brain

Chapter 2 Learning Let's grow brain cells

--Movement stimulates molecules that play an important role in the learning process --Motorism and cognitive function are biologically linked ――In the brain of the running mouse, BDNF was higher than that of the general, and the longer the running mouse, the larger the amount. BDNF was booming, especially in the hippocampus ――BDNF is important not only for the survival of neurons, but also for their growth (important for new branches to grow, and therefore important for learning. ――You can learn words 20% faster after exercise than before exercise ――When I brought back a rat in the laboratory and made it a child's pet temporarily, I got much better results in the subsequent learning test. ――When the cat was raised with one eye closed, the visual cortex was clearly atrophied. --Newborn neurons die if not used ――If you just run, neurons will die at the same pace. In order for them to survive and make a circuit, a signal must flow through their axons. ――Neurons are born by exercise and survive by being stimulated by the environment.

Chapter 3 Stress's biggest obstacle

—— Exercise-induced brain activity produces molecular-sized by-products that attach neurons, but usually repair mechanisms work to make them rather stronger and able to cope with future problems. ――The mortality rate of the former was 24% lower in the group dealing with substances that emit a very small amount of radioactivity working at nuclear shipyards and in the other groups. The exposure made the cells stronger instead of dying. ――Stress accelerates the growth of the brain. If the stress is not so severe and the neurons have time to recover, the ties will be stronger and the machines in our minds will move more smoothly. -Fight-or-flight response causes a number of extremely powerful hormones in the body and neurochemical substances in the brain to work ――The extremely important principle of struggle and struggle reaction is not to prepare resources for the future, but to invest them for immediate demand. --The essential acts of living things such as eating and reproduction are also postponed. --A large consumer of EEG glucose, which weighs only about 3% of body weight, but consumes 20% of the fuel used by the whole body. --If the sea demon does not have enough cortisol receptors when memory is being formed, the learning effect will be reduced. ――If you continue to have high levels of cortisol due to chronic stress, new information will not remain in your mind. --Hippocampal neurons fully rotate its glutamate mechanism, blocking less important stimuli ――Compared to the Stone Age ancestors 10,000 years ago when farming began, the amount of exercise has decreased by 37%. ――The amygdala is active 24 hours a day, with disastrous news and noisy demands projected in front of you through digital media. Obesity has doubled in the last 20 years. -Cells produce enzymes that remove waste. These protective enzymes act as antioxidants ――The human brain has become complicated mainly because it competes for limited resources. --Plants such as vegetables and fruits contain not only antioxidants but also harmful components, and eating them causes a moderate stress response in our cells. They activate the cell's stress response and increase the amount of antioxidant enzymes. It is true that broccoli contains antioxidants, but it cannot be expected to have antioxidant effects when taken in the diet. ――Study with your brain, reduce calories, exercise, eat vegetables and generate just the right amount of stressful waste. The wonderful ability of human beings to adapt and grow cannot be demonstrated without stress ――The accumulated stress can be considerably restored by doing aerobic exercise. --Exercise produces FGF-2 and VEGF. These two create new capillaries in the brain and expand their vascular network. As the highways become wider and more numerous, blood will flow more smoothly. --In a report released by Coca-Cola, employees who participated in the company's fitness program had an average of $ 500 less insured than non-participating employees. --In recent years, doctors have begun to encourage cancer patients to exercise.

Buddha's words


Chapter 4 Chapter of Eight Poems

――Without throwing away the dirt of the past and creating new dirt, you will not be greedy, and you will not be obsessed with it. The wise man breaks away from all prejudices and does not blame himself without being polluted by the world. --The monk should be at peace in his heart. Do not seek tranquility outside. ――Ask your ears from a vulgar story. Don't indulge in the taste. Don't stick to anything in the world as yours. -Even if you get food, beverages, hard food or clothing, do not store it. Or don't worry if you don't get it. --Stabilize your mind. Don't wander. Stop doing things that you regret later. Don't be lazy. The practitioner should then live in the completed seat. --The practitioner must not be disappointed even if criticized. Even if it is praised, it should not be overstated. Except for greed, pity, anger, and swearing --Practitioners must not engage in buying or selling. Never slander. Also, do not get close to the villagers. Don't talk to people for profit. ――Don't speak the words that you have taken a roundabout way to your own benefit. Don't be arrogant. Do not speak words that cause discord. -See those who struggle to kill. Fear arose from trying to hit with a weapon. -Don't be drawn in to tell a lie. Don't attach yourself to a beautiful figure. Also, know your pride and try to get rid of it. Behave without being violent -Do not steal. Don't tell lies. Treat all living things, weak or strong, with some stains. When you feel disturbed, think of it as a demon companion and take a peek at it. -Don't be dominated by anger and pride. Dig up those roots and endure the pleasant and unpleasant. ――When someone warns you in words, calm down and thank you. Cut off the rough hearts of those who practice together. Say good words. Do not say words that are not appropriate at that time. Don't think of swearing people. --The monks should be careful and completely liberate their minds to suppress their desire for these things. He should consider the law correctly at the right time, unite his mind and destroy the darkness.

Chapter 5 Chapter of the road to the equinoctial week


Exercise is the only way to train your brain https://amzn.to/2WJAwug I ran for the first time in a long time due to the influence of the book, but when I read the continuation of the book after running, I felt the activation of the brain. I recently started taking supplements and am taking Lecithin OMEGA3 BioAstin pills. As for the powder, I drink protein and EAA (Essential Amino Acids). As Darvish said, taking essential amino acids before exercise seems to be effective because it is absorbed during exercise.

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