Memo of Linux environment construction using VirtualBox + Vagrant on Windows 10

Since I built a Linux environment using VirtualBox + Vagrant on Windows 10, it remains as a memo.

table of contents

・ Installation of VirtualBox ・ Installation of Vagrant ・ Construction of Linux environment

VirtualBox installation

-Click "Windows hosts" from VirtualBox official website to download the software. The latest version at this time is VirtualBox 6.1.4. 1.png

-Start the downloaded installer and install it according to the procedure. There are no special settings required. -Once the installation is complete, the following screen will be displayed. 2.png

This completes the VirtualBox installation.

Install Vagrant

-Select the Windows 64bit version from Vagrant official website and download it. 3.png

-Start the downloaded installer and install it according to the procedure. There are no special settings required. -After installation, restart your PC.

This completes the Vagrant installation.

Building a Linux environment

Prepare the environment to run Vagrant

In Vagrant, a virtual machine is created for each folder, so create a folder for executing "test1" here.


Create a Vagrantfile

Open a Windows command prompt and execute the following command

㏅ C:\tool\vagant\test1

Next, create a Vagrantfile

vagrant init


This will create a file called Vagrantfile under the test1 folder.

Set Vagrantfile

Open the Vagrantfile file and modify the following two places

Correction 1
Before correction: = "base"
Revised: = "centos/7"  //Install Centos7
  config.vm.hostname= ""  //Set the virtual machine IP
Correction 2 (just uncomment)
Before correction:
 # "private_network", ip: ""
Revised: "private_network", ip: "" 

Please refer to the following articles for the network that can be set with Vagrantfile. Vagrant Getting Started 04 --Vagrant Network Settings

Start a virtual machine

Initially start the virtual machine by executing the following command at the Windows command prompt.

vagrant up

The following error may occur during initial startup.

Error message:
Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot. This means that
Vagrant was unable to communicate with the guest machine within
the configured ("config.vm.boot_timeout" value) time period.

-From the administrator user, execute cmd to open a command prompt
・ "Dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-Run the "V" command to Microsoft-Hyper-Close V

Virtual machine operation commands

After starting the virtual machine, you can operate it with the following command.

Log in to the virtual machine: vagrant ssh
Log out of the virtual machine:  exit
Stop the virtual machine: vagrant halt
Delete virtual machine: vagrant destroy

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