[Linux] When you want to search for a specific character string from multiple files


When I changed the column name in Rails, it was troublesome to find the column name before the change and fix it to the column name after the change, so I will write this article this time.


$ find ./ -type f -print | xargs grep 'hoge'

Description of the above command

find Search for files under the directory specified after find. The file search syntax is "find [path] [search condition] [action]"

./ The search target is under the current directory. If you enter "~ /", the search target will be under the home directory. You can use the full path instead of ./. In this case as well, the search target is under the specified directory.

-print Output search results as standard. At this time, the result is displayed with the full path.

-type f Search for the specified file type. If f is a normal file, c or d is a directory, and l is a symbolic link.

xargs Create a command line from standard input and run it

grep Search for a string in a file. Specify the character string you want to search after grep.



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