[Linux] How to put your IP in a variable


Tips when you want to put your IP in a variable, such as in a shell script Only IPv4 is supported.


$ cat /etc/os-release 
NAME="Amazon Linux"
ID_LIKE="centos rhel fedora"
PRETTY_NAME="Amazon Linux 2"
$ ip a|grep -e inet |grep -v inet6
    inet scope host lo
    inet brd scope global dynamic eth0
    inet brd scope global dynamic eth1
$ hostname -i #Show only eth0
$ hostname -I #Show everything except lo


#The simplest way
$ MyIP=`hostname -i` 
$ echo $MyIP

#When there are multiple IPs
$ MyIPeth0=`hostname -I | cut -f1 -d' '`
$ echo $MyIPeth0
$ MyIPeth1=`hostname -I | cut -f2 -d' '`
$ echo $MyIPeth1

Command 2

Click here if you are told to use the hostname command because it is dangerous

$ MyIPeth0=`ip -f inet -o addr show eth0|cut -d\  -f 7 | cut -d/ -f 1`
$ echo $MyIPeth0

$ MyIPeth1=`ip -f inet -o addr show eth1|cut -d\  -f 7 | cut -d/ -f 1`
$ echo $MyIPeth1


When executing the hostname command as root, if'hostname i'is used instead of'hostname -i' Note that the host name will be i.

$ hostname
$ hostname i
hostname: you must be root to change the host name

$ sudo su -

# hostname i
# hostname

# MyIPeth0=`hostname I | cut -f1 -d' '` 
# hostname

that's all

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