Linux: files and directories


** All Linix is represented as a file **

In other words, of course, documents and images are also saved as files.

The entire system is also made up of files.

The Linux kernel, hardware, and keyboard all input and output are assigned to files, and devices can be operated through those files.

Role of each Linux directory

/bin ** List the most important commands required for Linux operation **

/dev Directory for storing device files. A special file that allows the hardware to be treated as a file

/etc A directory that stores files that describe various applications and the settings of Linux itself.

/home Home directory assigned to each Linux user.

/sbin The directory where the executable file is placed.

View current directory

A command to display the current directory.

$ pwd

View files and directories in the current directory

$ ls
bin home games ....
$ ls / /home =>You can also specify multiple directories

You can also move with a relative path

$cd .. =>Go up one level

You can also complete with the Tab key

$ cd ho

Tab key here

$ cd home
$ cd home/local

And the path name can be completed.

Move to home directory

$ cd


List of files starting with ho

$ ls *ho

home homeground hoge
$ ls *.html

index.html hoge.html

Find a file that starts with ho and is 4 characters long

$ ho??


ls command options

$ ls -l =>Display file attributes
$ ls -a =>Show hidden files

Options can be combined and connected for writing.

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