Linux command line shortcut

Move cursor

command Operation explanation
Ctrl + b Move one character backward
Ctrl + f Move one character forward
Ctrl + a Move to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + e Move to the end of line
Alt + b Move one word backward
Alt + f Move one word forward

Delete and insert

command Operation explanation
Ctrl + h Delete one character behind
Ctrl + d Delete one character at the cursor position
Ctrl + w Delete one word at the end separated by a space
Ctrl + k Delete (cut) from the cursor position to the end of the line
Ctrl + u Delete (cut) from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + y Insert the last deleted content (Yank)

Screen operation

command Operation explanation
Ctrl + s Lock screen display
Ctrl + q Unlock screen display
Ctrl + c Forcibly terminate the command being executed
Ctrl + l Delete the history displayed on the screen

Command history search

command Operation explanation
Ctrl + p Move to the previous command history
Ctrl + n Move to the next command history
Ctrl + r Start incremental search

Incremental search (Ctrl + r)

command Operation explanation
Character input Add a search term and search again
Ctrl + r Move to the previous search result
Enter Run current search results as is
Esc Return to command line with current search results displayed
Ctrl + g Discard the search results and return to the prompt
Enter Run current search results as is

Incremental search Example of searching with "ec"

(reverse-i-search)`ec': echo hello world

References: New Linux textbook (written by Hideaki Miyake and Yusuke Ohsumi)

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