[LINUX] I want to specify a file that is not a character string for logrotate, but is it impossible?

Thing you want to do

I want to specify as follows in the logrotate configuration file.


/var/log/nanika_no_service/【"aiueo"Other than logs starting with].log {

/var/log/nanika_no_service/aiueo.log {

The result of investigating

It seems impossible. Inevitably, compromise below.


/var/log/nanika_no_service/[!a]*.log {

/var/log/nanika_no_service/a*.log {


https://github.com/logrotate/logrotate/blob/master/logrotate.c https://github.com/logrotate/logrotate/blob/master/config.c

According to the source code, glob is used to search for files to rotate. So, I also read the specifications of glob, but there was no way to write "other than multiple characters", although there was a guide for wildcards "other than single characters".

That's why the logrotate.conf file specification

/var/log/nanika_no_service/【"aiueo"Other than logs starting with].log {

The conclusion so far is that it cannot be written as above. Is there a good way?


I want to rotate only one type of log under different conditions for logs in the same directory. That's why I investigated it. In the above example, ʻaiueo.log` corresponds to that.

but please wait a moment. Wouldn't it be better to write as follows without using [!]?


/var/log/nanika_no_service/*.log {

/var/log/nanika_no_service/aiueo.log {

I agree. I expected that too. But unfortunately it is NG.

The logrotate setting does not work well with duplicates. If you do the above, ʻaiueo.logwill also be included in* .log and there will be duplicate settings. Under these conditions, an error will occur at runtime, or ʻaiueo.log will also follow the setting of * .log (depending on the setting order, but forget which sequence will be what behavior). I did).

in conclusion

In this post, I investigated whether it is possible to express "other than multiple characters" in the target log specification of logrotate. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to do it so far.

Good luck.

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