[LINUX] I tried to output the access log to the server using Node.js


This article is written by a student studying JS etc. instead of a memo. Don't expect the content.

1. Build a virtual environment.

This time it will be done on Ubuntu, so start the virtual environment with iTerm2.

Where it started

  1. Virtual Box 2.Vagrant I use Ubuntu in a virtual environment that uses two software. cd ~/vagrant/ubuntu vagrant up vagrant ssh

Move to the directory where Ubuntu is installed. vagrant up is a command to start Ubuntu installed on a virtual PC, and vagrant ssh connects to SSH with the Vagrant virtual machine set.

2. Display the log on the created server

Describe the following contents in the arrow function of http.createServer.


  '[' + new Date() + '] Requested by ' + reqest.connection.remoteAddress

This time, the request to the server is assigned to the variable called reqest. This time, the IP information to which the request was sent is output. I am using console.info, but info is categorized as follows.

Function name Contents output
info,log Information to leave from usual Standard output
warn,error warning Error standard output

3. Output an error to the created server

  console.error('[' + new Date() + '] Server Error', e);

The above on function is described after the arrow function.

4. Actually start the server

If you actually start the server and a console such as an error is displayed, it is successful.

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