[LINUX] How to use Dataiku on Windows


・ Windows 10 ・ Google Chrome 83.0.4103.116 -Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

What is Dataiku?

Dataiku is a tool that performs troublesome data preprocessing when performing machine learning on one platform. (I don't know because I haven't touched it yet.)

How to use Daraiku

If you want to try such a wonderful tool, let's create an environment. In the following, Ubuntu will be installed on Windows and Dataiku will be set up there.

Basically, I did it with reference to this article, but there were some differences, so let's focus on those points. I think.

Linux preparation

First, let's install Linux. It is the same up to the point where you check Windows Subsystem for Linux and install Ubuntu. At this time, it didn't work with Ubuntu LTS 20.04. Therefore, we recommend installing 18.04.

Now that the installation is complete and the user name and password can be set, it is finally time to install Dataiku. Everything you enter from now on will be entered into the Ubuntu shell.

Start ssh server

Although omitted in the above site, let's set up a Linux server first.

apt list openssh*

After hitting

$ sudo ssh-kegen -A
$ sudo service ssh start

If successful

 * Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server sshd                   [ OK ]

Should be displayed. The ssh server is now started.

Install Dataiku

Sorry I made you wait. It's finally time to install Dataiku.

$ wget https://cdn.downloads.dataiku.com/public/dss/7.0.2/dataiku-dss-7.0.2.tar.gz

Let's enter. In the article introduced earlier, the version of Dataiku is 4.1.5, but as of July 9, 2020, when this article was written, it is 7.0.2. Other than that, it is the same as the introduced site, so you can change the part of 4.1.5 to 7.0.2.

Unzip it in the same way as the previous Qiita article,

$ dataiku-dss-7.0.2/installer.sh -d DATA_DIR -p 11000

If you enter, an error message will appear as in the article.

*** Error: package nginx not found
*** Error: package unzip not found
*** Error: package zip not found
*** Error: package default-jre-headless not found
*** Error: package python2.7 not found
*** Error: package libpython2.7 not found
*** Error: package libgomp1 not found
*** Error: package python3-distutils not found

In my case, I got an error like this. (Only the error part is excerpted) So

*** Error:package Honyara not found

Install the one that corresponds to Honyara.

Before that, as in the article

$ wget https://nginx.org/keys/nginx_signing.key
$ sudo apt-key add nginx_signing.key

The we.

$sudo apt-get install Honyara

I will do it patiently one by one.

And again

$ dataiku-dss-7.0.2/installer.sh -d DATA_DIR -p 11000

If you do, you should succeed!

Next time, I will do a tutorial using Dataiku!

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