What is Python

Today is a favorite in a sense I will post about Python.

What is Python

A programming language developed by Dutchman Guido van Rossum in 1991.

Easy to program with less code Moreover, the code is easy to read.

Utilization such as "artificial intelligence (AI)", "Web development", and "education field" is widespread.

Benefits of Python

As a basic merit

These are listed.

Simple and easy to remember

The grammar is simple and there are only the minimum necessary A language that is easy to read and write. There aren't many ways to write it Code written by others will also be relatively easy to read.

Indented offside rules

Blocks such as syntax are specified by indentation. This will result in the same code no matter who writes it, The program is easy to write and read.

Offside rules

It is a rule that indicates the range (block) of a block such as a sentence by indentation.

No compilation required

The compilation process is often time consuming with a large number of errors. Python is an interpreted language, so there is no need to compile You can check the operation immediately.

Disadvantages of Python

The disadvantages are as follows.

Python is said to be one of the slowest interpreter languages. It is not suitable for core system, system and advanced game development for enterprises.

Also, if the indentation is not properly done from the offside rules It may result in an error.

What you can make with Python

What you can make

Etc. can be made.

Python creation example

The famous one

Is typical.

Python framework

Some of the frameworks used are like this.

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