How to get a list of files in the same directory with python

The __glob module __ is useful for getting a list of files in the same directory.

Example of using glob module

Try running glob in the directory where the following files are saved.  data1.txt, data10.txt, data2.txt, data3.dat, data99.txt, result1.txt, result2.dat

・ Use wild card

You can get a list of all the files in the same directory by the following process.

import glob


Execution result

['data1.txt', 'data10.txt', 'data2.txt', 'data3.dat', 'data99.txt', 'result1.txt', 'result2.dat']

You can use the wildcard'*' to list only filenames that meet certain criteria. In the example below, the files whose file names start with'data'and those whose extension is'.txt' are listed.

filelist=glob.glob('data*') #'data'List all file names that start with
filelist=glob.glob('*.txt') #'.txt'List all filenames ending in

Execution result

['data1.txt', 'data10.txt', 'data2.txt', 'data3.dat', 'data99.txt']
['data1.txt', 'data10.txt', 'data2.txt', 'data99.txt', 'result1.txt']
・ Use'?'

If you want to specify the number of characters in the wildcard part, use'?' Instead of'*'. Connect as many'?' As the number of characters you want to specify. The following example can list files with any two characters between'data' and'.txt'.

filelist=glob.glob('data??.txt') #'data'When'.txt'List all files that contain any two characters between

Execution result

['data10.txt', 'data99.txt']
・ Use []

You can also use []. In this case, the files enclosed in [] that match any one of the alphanumeric characters in [] are listed.

filelist=glob.glob('data[0-9].txt') #[0-9]List all items that have a number from 0 to 9 in the part of

Execution result

['data1.txt', 'data2.txt']

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