[PYTHON] Scraping the winning data of Numbers using Docker

――I want past data to try various things to see if the number can be predicted from the past data of Numbers ――I don't want to pollute the development environment of my PC

Use Docker

--Install Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac

I made the scraping code referring to here

-How to double or more the winning probability of Numbers 4 -Code GitHub made this time

Writing a Dockerfile is also a hassle, so use the Python image on Docker Hub

docker pull python

Start the container, go inside and execute the python code

# -The location to mount with v mounts the folder containing the python code
docker run -it -v [local folder]:/tmp python:latest /bin/bash

# get_numbers.Install the required libraries with py
pip install beautifulsoup4
pip install html5lib

# get_numbers.Run py
python get_numbers3.py
python get_numbers4.py

If it works, you will get numbers3_data.csv and numbers4_data.csv in the mounted folder.

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