How to start the program

One plan for the projection.

Program of the program, the program of the program First and middle contact first individual in my life, first and middle contact first individual in my life Yes N80-BASIC. I got it, but the bottom of this phrase is completely selfish.


WIDTH 80,25.
CONSOLE 0,25,0,1
宽 80,25

Naturally, at the time of the day, I was able to finish the process. An interpreter that has been shown to the public. I'm not in a position to help.

Can this theory, about one projection Nowadays, this is a sequel, and other true swordsmen.

Najo, this is a natural topic. This is a new kind of programming language, development environment explanation. For this reason, Dr. Ameme, a good image of greetings. The question is important.

The world of the world, the world of the world, and the world. Comprehensive understanding of one individual question, and a certain method of greeting from the other party.

哪 怕 你 只 只 诪 膵 膵 膵 赬 軬 軬 軬 軬 軬 Nakaikai's influential, suspicious facial expression, or one kind of person Under the most sympathetic feelings, other aliens.

Past story D, one point

My first graduation university travel time, aesthetic country. I'm gonna release my suitcase. A black woman who is a black man who is a black man. Dead car ticket! Dead car ticket! I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid that I'm afraid of being rejected.

After that, I left the help desk. The old man has passed, and the sword has arrived.

I'm wearing a silver wrapping, why "Kaneko," and others have been abducted. My car ticket and my arrival.

This is all horror, and the laughter of Tomoto is coming. This is the first time I departed from Japan. (This stage is the former video of the Society of Nostalgia, and the current issue of YOUTUBE upstream).

This subject purpose emphasis

Self-intentional commentary, programming language person, start-up 你 copy 什么? This individual rule from ancient times to the present capital Nyoka 你 ignorant road This individual reason, Na 你 Nemoto incapacity What circumstances.

At this stage, the chatbot technician Natsu Noh "Teacher, I'm sorry? Criminal accusation of incapacity for 你 怎么 opening photo 堁 吗?

After the completion of artificial intelligence, the minimum problem is the true answer to this individual process. Calculator AC outlet. I hope other occupancy 补 This individual occupancy.

The reason for this is a natural subject. Since then, the first scholars have a tongue-in-cheek comprehension method. My selfish method for my thoughts.

python ----> import Under python-like feelings, other words and phrases. This is impossible to re-enter.

C # ----> using clause

Under the circumstances of C #, the other phrase is used individually. The song-like opening of the song.

C ----> #include < > Under Mitsuichi Saga, the reason for the early contemplation was completed. Unexpected C ++ possible Basically Ueya Koichi.

node.js ----> require() Dare to dare to propose HTML Medium JavaScript?

VB.NET -----> Introduced

Unfortunately, VBA indulgence this sample promise, reason This is a VB-like image for this purpose.   JAVA ----> import Useful for my personal death, JAVA, and the reason for this.

Other Typescript RUBY PHP GO

My thoughts, programs, and programming, but I don't know.


Naturally, this is necessary, and it is a natural greeting. However, it is a discourse-like glance at the demand capture. This is a different person's photo rope, GitHub, etc.

Preface This individual opening white 吧 The reason is that it is completely started. I need to know what to do. This is a completely lawless understanding.

This is very important. Hino theory, opposite national etiquette In the book, there is a lot of common sense in science.

At this time, the surname is empty. Naming Space City Undemanding naming. Neck tip, this one-of-a-kind structure, completed record This is the last name, Gayaso.

In addition, PYTHON used ENV type imaginary space, etc. Meeting, but once this individual is completed, meeting 只 渴 临 创 Established literary matter (This individual IT process is a true story. This is a Taolu, a Taolu, and a Taolu. (This is a kind of nausea culture, a non-contact first-time student, this is an individual equivalent of a nausea culture.

This year's 头, object thought ...... Previous time, single person, self-employed time After that, other hired people, Goeku Echita, and Kakuya Goeku Yue. Goeku Goeku multi-disciplinary department.

This is a world-class rule Common sense, rules, and rules system The computer ward that has entered the capital. This is a story, but I don't know what to do. This


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