[Python] A program to find the number of apples and oranges that can be harvested

[Python] A program to find the number of apples and oranges that can be harvested

This is a personal memo.


Count the number of apples that have entered the premises of the house (coordinates s ~ t).


s: The starting point of the house t: End of house a: Position of apple tree b: Position of the orange tree apples: Apple fall points (relative) oranges: Orange fall point (relative)


▼sample input



▼sample output



▼my answer


def countApplesAndOranges(s, t, a, b, apples, oranges):
    yeiledApple = 0
    yeiledOrange = 0

    for apple in apples:
        aloc = a + apple
        if s <= aloc and aloc <= t:
            yeiledApple += 1

    for orange in oranges:
        oloc = b + orange
        if s <= oloc and oloc <= t:
            yeiledOrange += 1

if __name__ == '__main__':
    st = input().split()
    s = int(st[0])
    t = int(st[1])
    ab = input().split()
    a = int(ab[0])
    b = int(ab[1])
    mn = input().split()
    m = int(mn[0])
    n = int(mn[1])
    apples = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split()))
    oranges = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split()))

    countApplesAndOranges(s, t, a, b, apples, oranges)

** ・ denotes ** Represents the red region denotes his house.

**-Method output format ** print. Because it ends with method execution. countApplesAndOranges(s, t, a, b, apples, oranges)

The problem is simple, but the questions are long ...

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