Linux "Install on / dev / sda" error resolution

Error during installation


GRUB/dev/Cannot install on sda.
'grub-install /dev/sda'Failed to execute.
This is a fatal error.

Error appears and the OS does not start when restarting


When selecting the installation type during installation, Other than that (create your own partition ...) Select and

The device on which you want to install the bootloader /dev/sda

Change to and run the installation and it finishes without error


What is GRUB in the first place?

--GRUB is one of the boot loaders that is first loaded when the computer starts up and then loads the operating system (OS) from storage and boots. Open source software developed and published by the GNU Project, often used in combination with Linux. In short, one of the programs needed to boot the OS

/ dev / sda is the first hard disk found

In my case, I couldn't install the boot loader on the hard disk, and I couldn't boot the OS because I restarted with the boot USB removed.

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