[PYTHON] Notice the completion of a time-consuming command

When you are doing a time-consuming process such as downloading or building a package I was working on other work, and when I noticed it was finished building. There are many times.

It's okay if each task has the same priority If the priorities are reversed without your knowledge, productivity will drop.

I came up with a way to let you know when the command is over!

let it say


% bundle install; say 'It's over'

I like it because it's cyber, but unfortunately it can't be used on linux.

Make a system sound


% bundle install; tpul bel

This will make a system sound.

If it is troublesome to connect commands every time you call a script in the terminal You can also put it in the script. I tried calling it with subprocess from python.


import subprocess

subprocess.call('tput bel', shell = True)

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