Google search for the last line of the file in Python

I needed it when I was researching, so it's just a memo I mainly referred to the following


Please insert the Google package in advance with pip install google etc.


import linecache
from google import search

def google_search(query, limit=1):
    for url in search(query, lang="jp", num=limit, stop=1):
            print url

def main():
    num_lines = sum(1 for line in open('hoge.txt'))
    target_line = linecache.getline('hoge.txt', num_lines)


if __name__ == '__main__':

The file looks like this


hello python
ok google
hey siri

Execution result

hey siri

Apple's official page doesn't come to the top ... orz


I used the code from other articles as it is and made it with a secret sauce. I think that it is a lot of ugly code because it is a code that a person who originally escaped from programming made in a hurry

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