Which is better, python standard input receiving input () or sys.stdin?

I've been using sys.stdin to avoid ʻinput ()` somehow, but which one is better? I compared the speed and the amount of code. In addition, fileinput is also compared.

Conclusion Use sys.stdin

The operating speed is input() >>> fileinput > sys.stdin

Comparison method

--Use the online execution environment paiza.io (no particular meaning). --Pass a number + blank format such as 1 2 3 4 ** 10,000 lines ** as standard input. --Use time to measure the time it takes to convert standard input to int and store it in list.

Operation speed of input ()

input()Code example.py

data_all = [input().split() for i in range(10000)]#Collective data acquisition
data_list = [[int(s) for s in line]for line in data_all] #Data int
#for line in data_all:
#    data_list.append([int(s) for s in line])

Operating time: Approximately 21.1 [msec]

Operating speed of sys.stdin

sys code example.py

data_list = [ [int(s) for s in line.split()] for line in sys.stdin ]
#data_list = []
#for line in sys.stdin:
#    data_list.append([int(s) for s in line.split()])

Operating time: Approximately 10.5 [msec]

Operation speed of file input

import fileinput
data_list = [ [int(s) for s in line.split()] for line in fileinput.input() ]

Operating time: Approximately 12.5 [msec]

The code is cleaner with sys

I changed it to a comprehension notation. If I use input (), it will be 2 lines ... The operation speed of input () is almost twice as slow. Looking at other people's articles, it seems that there is a difference of 10 times or more. It seems better to use sys. I tried additional fileinput, but it wasn't as fast as sys.stdin.

Without int conversion

In the case of input (), about 12.9 [msec] For sys.stdin, about 5.5 [msec] For fileinput, about 7.5 [msec] Int conversion takes a surprising amount of time. After all sys.stdin seems to be faster in operation speed.

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