[PYTHON] Extract the value of dict or list as a string

I sometimes wanted to extract the values of dict and list using period-separated strings such as a.b and c.d.2.e, so I wrote them.

def get_item(src, path):
    now = src
    for i in path.split('.'):
        if type(now) is list:
            now = now[int(i)]
            now = now[i]
    return now

now is a variable to put the current value. The initial value is the argument dict or list. Divide the path by a period and turn it by for. Swap the value of now until the end of for and finally return.

By the way, I don't expect the Key name to have a period.

my_dict = {
    'a': {
        'b': 'hello'
    'c': {
             {'e': 3},
             {'e': 4},
             {'e': 5},
             {'e': 6},

print(get_item(my_dict, 'a.b'))
print(get_item(my_dict, 'c.d.3.e'))
print(get_item(my_dict, 'c.d'))
# hello
# 6
# [{'e': 3}, {'e': 4}, {'e': 5}, {'e': 6}]

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