[GO] Implementation of quicksort in Python

Code that generates a list of 100 integers with random numbers and quickly sorts them. I implemented it with a simple quicksort that does not use partitions.

Finally, a code to measure the execution time is attached.


from typing import List
import random
import time

def quick_sort(numbers: List[int]) -> List[int]:
    numbers_set = set(numbers)

    if len(numbers_set) <= 1:
        return numbers

    p1 = numbers[0]
    p2 = 0
    for i in range(len(numbers)):
        if numbers[i] != p1:
            p2 = numbers[i]

    pivot = p1 if p1 > p2 else p2

    left_list = []
    right_list = []

    for i in range(len(numbers)):
        if numbers[i] < pivot:

    return quick_sort(left_list) + quick_sort(right_list)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    nums = [random.randint(0,100) for _ in range(100)]
    start = time.time()
    elapsed_time = time.time() - start
    print ("elapsed_time:{0}".format(elapsed_time) + "[sec]")   

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