Get stock price with Python

While studying Python, there was a module that seemed to be interesting, so I tried using it

Things necessary


You can install it with the following code pip install pandas-datarader

Main subject

This time I got the stock price of a company called GAFA Please search Yahoo Finance for other stocks.


import pandas_datareader as web
import pandas as pd
import datetime
data=web.get_data_yahoo(['GOOG','AAPL','FB','AMZN'])['Adj Close']


Output example

Symbols         GOOG      AAPL        FB      AMZN
2020-09-04 -0.030941  0.000662 -0.028820 -0.021787
2020-09-08 -0.036863 -0.067295 -0.040922 -0.043944
2020-09-09  0.016034  0.039887  0.009441  0.037707
2020-09-10 -0.016018 -0.032646 -0.020568 -0.028605
2020-09-11 -0.007376 -0.013129 -0.005521 -0.018547

Simple ~~ Explanation ~~ data: Adjusted closing price of each stock (Adj Close) pct_change (): Method to find the amount of change tail (): Get the last 5 rows of DataFrame


#If you want to decide the acquisition period
                        end=datetime.datetime(20xx,yy,zz))['Adj Close']

Besides Open: Open price Close: Close price High: High Low: Low price Volume: Volume And so on

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