Install Python3 on mixhost server [Currently NG]

BUILD FAILED with Python3 installation and cannot be installed Explain the difference between pyenv, virtualenv, pip, anaconda [Conclusion] Use pip to manage packages, and use pyenv to switch to the python2 system provided by mixhost.

How to install Python and 3 reasons not to use Anaconda [Conclusion] Do not use anaconda as it installs unnecessary packages

Master mixhost! !! "Part 1: Introducing Python3"

Probably not used: Install Python 3.5 on Mixhost.

[How to develop Python and install packages on mixhost server](] % BC% E3% 81% A7% E3% 81% AEpython% E9% 96% 8B% E7% 99% BA% E3% 81% A8% E3% 83% 91% E3% 83% 83% E3% 82% B1 % E3% 83% BC% E3% 82% B8install% E6% 96% B9% E6% B3% 95 /)

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