Scraping with Python-Selenium is old! ?? ・ ・ ・ How to use Pyppeteer

How to use Pyppeteer

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-[What is Pyppeteer](What is #pyppeteer) -Install -[How to use](# How to use) -[Launch browser and open site](# Launch browser and open site) -[Get Element](# Get Element) --[Enter in text box](# Enter in text box) --Click -[Get attribute value](# Get attribute value) --[Get innerHTML](Get #innerhtml)

What is Pyppeteer

Pyppeteer is a Python package for operating the Chrome browser, which is a port of the library Puppeteer for node.js to Python. Since there is little information on Pyppereer, it may be better to search with Puppeteer when searching.

Pyppeteer author's blog Puppeteer site


pip install pyppeteer

How to use

Launch your browser and open your site

import asyncio

from pyppeteer import launch

async def main():
    browser = await launch()
    page = await browser.newPage()
    await page.goto('')

if __name__ == "__main__":

Executing the above command will start Chronium in headless mode, open the Google site and close the browser. Chromium will be installed only once during the first import. By default, Pyppeteer launches the browser in headless mode.

browser = await launch(headless=False)

You can display the browser by doing.

Get element

#Get the first element that meets the criteria
# page.Also possible with J
textbox = await page.querySelector('input[aria-label="Search"]')
textbox = await page.J('input[aria-label="Search"]')

#Get all the elements that meet the conditions
# page.Also possible with JJ
buttons = await page.querySelectorAll('input[aria-label="Google search"]')
buttons = await page.JJ('input[aria-label="Google search"]')

Type in the text box

# page.type(selector,Input value)
#Possible even from the acquired element
await page.type('input[aria-label="Search"]', 'pyppeteer')
await textbox.type('pyppeteer')


#It is possible even from the acquired element

#Because Google's search button has to select the second element
#Should I get it with querySelectorAll?
await'last-child:input[aria-label="Google search"]')
await buttons[1].click()

Get the value of an attribute

Get it by executing javascript with page.evaluate.

text = await page.evaluate('elm => elm.getAttribute("name")',textbox)

Get innerHTML

Same as above

elm = await page.J('#hptl')
text = await page.evaluate('elm => elm.innerHTML', elm)

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