Use Django's ImageField on App Engine / Python

Use Django's ImageField on App Engine / Python

When adding an image upload function, If you use the ImageField that comes with Django, It's convenient because it processes whether the image is appropriate, It doesn't work because App Engine doesn't have PIL. Actually using ImageField no module named image An error like this will occur and both development and production will fail.

Behind the chiller: When I first saw this page, I misunderstood that PIL can be used on App Engine, so it took a long time to solve it. In fact, App Engine doesn't allow PIL, and instead exposes an API for images. The correct answer is to include a PIL to emulate this API on your App Engine server for development.

I've always been skeptical about how to install PIL.

Introduction of dummy PIL

Django's framework can't be tampered with with genuine App Engine, so I thought I had to write the process myself, I googled and found a solution.

Image uploads working with models.ImageField on django-nonrel/appengine w/ django-fileuploads - ZONE – UYSRC Developer Blog

The PIL features that Django uses The solution is to create a dummy wrapped in the App Engine API. Now you can use ImageField without messing with Django's core.

How to use

PIL/ The source is above. Create a folder called PIL in the root of your App Engine application and Create the above there and you're ready to go. After that, you can use ImageField like normal Django.

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