[PYTHON] How to see the contents of the Jupyter notebook ipynb file

2020.09.20 Post


I often write code on a Jupyter notebook and say, "I want to copy the Jupyter code I made at that time!". It would be nice if the ipynb file happened to be under the directory of the Jupyter that is currently open, but if not, quit / restart the Jupyter notebook, open the required ipynb file, copy it to the editor, and copy it to the original I had to take the trouble of restarting the Jupyter notebook to get back to work. When I was wondering if something could be done, I found that there are three ways to efficiently check the contents of other ipynb files, so I will introduce them. I don't know if any inconvenience is caused by using the method described here. Please try at your own risk.

Use VS code

The method is described on this site.

I chose and tried using VS Cod.

If you set VS code to the default in Open with: of Get info on Mac, you can open it by double-clicking the ipynb file.

Use Jupyter lab

With Jupyter Lab you can open multiple tabs! So I'm just installing it and checking the condition. It feels like the movement is sluggish on my machine.

Open Jupyter in multiple browsers

Even with Jupyter notebook, if you put this (`http: // localhost: 8888 /? Token = xxxxxx ......`) in the url, you can open Jupyter notebook with a different browser. For example, in my case, default is Safari, but this (`http: // localhost: 8888 /? Token = xxxxxx ......`) that appears in terminal is used in Firefox and Chrome. You can open the notebook in each browser by putting it in the url.

that's all

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