[PYTHON] Try to write a program that abuses the program and sends 100 emails

** * This is an example of how the program can be easily abused, not an article that promotes cybercrime. Thank you. ** **

Start work


  1import smtplib
  2 from email.mime.text import MIMEText
  4 for i in range(100):
  5 #Function to send mail from Yahoo Mail
  6     def send_mail(co_msg):
  7         SMTP_SERVER = "smtp.mail.yahoo.co.jp"
  8         SMTP_PORT = 587
  9         SMTP_USERNAME = "[email protected]"#Your user name or registered address
 10         SMTP_PASSWORD = "test"#My password
 11         EMAIL_FROM ="[email protected]"#I also send the email address
 12         EMAIL_TO = "[email protected]"#Destination email address
 13         EMAIL_SUBJECT = "pythontest"#Title
 14         msg = MIMEText(co_msg)
 15         msg['Subject'] = EMAIL_SUBJECT
 16         msg['From'] = EMAIL_FROM
 17         msg['To'] = EMAIL_TO
 18         mail=smtplib.SMTP(SMTP_SERVER, SMTP_PORT)
 19         mail.login(SMTP_USERNAME, SMTP_PASSWORD)
 20         mail.sendmail(EMAIL_FROM, EMAIL_TO, msg.as_string())
 21         mail.quit()
 22         return
 25     #Function execution
 26     text='I win! Please think about why you lost by tomorrow.'
 28     send_mail(co_msg=text)

that's all. Please adjust because there is a number of times on the 4th line. Next is the setting of Yahoo Mail.

Settings on the YAHOO side

スクリーンショット 2019-12-13 16.51.24.png

Please do it like this. When you run the program, you will receive 100 emails to that destination. to come. **To go. Please do not abuse it. ** **

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