What is a dog? Python installation volume

Nice to meet you, I'm Ponta Shiba Inu

The owner is noisy to study programming. The challenge is whether it can be programmed for dogs. By the way, Markdown is also my first experience. Regards One!

Install Python 3 according to the owner's instructions

I use a computer even though I am a dog. It's hard to hit the keyboard. The owner gave me a Mac, so I grabbed it, but I couldn't eat it. I have no idea what programming is. When I was at a loss, the owner advised me, "Why don't you do it with Python?" Also, I have a scary face saying "It's Python3, don't make a mistake!", So I'd like to keep an eye on the owner for a while. Well, what was the story? Oh, I remembered! You installed Python3.

https://www.python.org/downloads I downloaded an installer package called python-3.8.5-macosx10.9.pkg from this site. Double-click to start installation One! スクリーンショット 2020-08-20 22.00.32.png

Oh, it's over.

[email protected] # python -V
Python 3.8.5
[email protected] # 

One that is good for a dog! I'll do this much today! What should I do tomorrow? Bye bye!

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