The result of installing python in Anaconda

I used anaconda for the first time when I was enthusiastic about learning python.

Environment: windows7 64bit

~~ I confirmed that python works fine at the command prompt, so ~~ ~~ I proceeded to the next chapter, importing numpy, but ~~ I got an error at ~~ import and couldn't proceed. ~~

~~ In the last line ~~ ~~ImportError:No module named '_ctypes'~~ It says ~~. ~~ ~~ Mysterious. .. .. ~~

I reinstalled it at a later date and it worked. what was that.

For the time being, it was a strange error.

Later I tried installing python 3.5 using anaconda on Mac. At the terminal

import numpy

When I executed, there was no error ...

What's the difference For the time being, I will study on a Mac.

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