[python] What is the sorted key?

sorted , list.sort()

These two are python's built-in functions that sort the list. It's okay if it's a one-dimensional array because you don't have to think too much about it, but it's annoying when it comes to multiple orders. So, here is the explanation as a method when it is multi-order


	a = [
    print sorted(a, key=lambda x:x[2])

If you write this key = lambda x: x [2], the list will be sorted by index = 2, here by characters. However, I wasn't sure if passing this lambda function would work. Apparently I was still stuck in a language where I couldn't rename old-fashioned functions.


	def f1(data,function):
		p = []
		for i in data:
		return p
	def f2(num):
		return num/2.
	a = f1  #Variable a meaning the function f1
	b = f2  #Variable b meaning the function f2

    print f1(3,f2)    #With this result
	print a(3,b)      #This result is the same

So in sorted, the key wasn't specified to compare the second element, It means that a function that returns the element to be compared was specified.


	sort(a,key=lambda x:x[2])
	    # for i in a:
	    #     key(i) =>Comparison factor

This means that you can even throw in your own elaborate functions.


	def function_x(something):
Something that returns very elaborate and unexpected results
		return result
	a = [
    print sorted(a,key=function_x)

For example, if you create a function that returns the soccer world ranking when you throw a country name and sort it, You can sort by country name and soccer ranking. (No demand) This may be useful and unexpectedly useful.

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