Linux commands to remember

Here are some linux commands to remember.

pwd Check the current directory path

$ pwd

cat Display the contents of the specified file

$ cat test.txt

less Display the contents of the specified file

$ less test.txt
operation Key
Go to the next page space
Go back to the previous page b
Return to the original command screen q

grep Search for strings in files that meet the specified conditions

$ grep "test" *.txt

find Search for files and directories that meet the specified conditions in the specified directory.

$ find . -name "*.js"

ifconfig View current network interface settings

$ ifconfig

ping Check network communication with the specified address

$ ping

nslookup Get network data of IP or domain of specified address

$ nslookup

netstat Check the current communication connection status

$ netstat

ps View running processes

$ ps aux

kill Forcibly terminates the process with the specified process ID

$ kill -9 5859


Process the command execution result by passing it to another command

$ ls | less

Output the command execution result to another file

$ ls > test.txt

Output the file list under the current directory

$ ls -d $(find `pwd`)

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