[Example of Python improvement] What is the recommended learning site for Python beginners?

Reference site: [Python improvement example ①] What is the recommended learning site for Python beginners?

This is a story about a man who works for a web-based company in the metropolitan area learned Pyhton.

Started studying Pyhton as an interview measure for changing jobs to an IT company

Introducing the experiences of learning Python. I've used other programming languages as an engineer, but Python was a must for new companies. As part of the interview, I needed to write Python, so I hurriedly learned Python. Having experience with similar languages such as PHP and Ruby, I was able to write simple programs without much confusion. As a result, I was able to get a job offer from the company.

Python is recommended for those who want to gain expertise

Python is one of the popular programming languages. It is a language that is often used for academic calculations because it has particular strengths in data processing. In addition, it is used not only for websites but also for software that requires high-speed processing. While it is a programming language preferred by beginners due to its simple grammar, it is also preferred by professional programmers due to its high level of features such as data structures and object orientation.

Learn the basics in about a month using a programming learning site

I learned mainly about free websites. First, I read the tutorial to learn Python grammar. The "Python Tutorial" has also been translated into Japanese. Next, I went to an online programming school. Although it is an English site, I used "codecademy". When you write the actual Python code on the browser, the result is displayed. The good thing is that even beginners can easily understand what works and what doesn't. I'm still learning, but I think I was able to suppress the outline in about a month.

It was hard to use mathematical brains

It was difficult to understand the advanced data structure. In addition to simple lists, Python has concepts such as associative arrays and tuples. In addition, mathematical operations such as matrix calculation are possible in Python. I needed to understand the data structure, remembering the mathematical knowledge I learned 10 years ago. I couldn't understand it just in my head, so I wrote down on a piece of paper what kind of calculation I was doing and organized it while proceeding with programming.

Even beginners can learn it, once you wear it, it will be useful for the rest of your life

Python is a language with a simple grammar that even beginners can easily understand, so it is recommended to start programming from Python. It is also used in advanced software, so there is plenty of room for future use in complex software and games.

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