Page cache in Python + Flask with Flask-Caching

Page cache in Python + Flask with Flask-Caching

Package installation

Use the Flask-Caching package

$ pip install Flask-Caching

How to use with Blueprint

Directory structure Click here for a description of the Blueprint directory structure (

|-- app  
|   |-- views  
|   |    `--  
|   |--
|   `--  
|-- Dockerfile  
`-- requirements.txt

Use simple for page cache, memcached, redis, etc.

from flask_caching import Cache

cache = Cache(config={"CACHE_TYPE": "simple"})

Apply cache settings to app by doing cache.init_app (app)

from flask import Flask

from app.cache import cache
from app.views.about import about
from app.views.main import main

def get_app() -> Flask:
    app = Flask(__name__)
    return app

def _register_blueprint(app: Flask) -> None:

@ cache.cached (timeout = 50) By adding a decorator, the target page becomes a page cache.

from flask import Blueprint

from app.cache import cache

sample = Blueprint("sample", __name__)

def index():
    return "sample.index"

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