[PYTHON] What is klass?

When I look at the source code of the library with python or ruby, it comes up a little. The keyword klass.

Although I was sensuously thinking "There is no such word in English ...", I went through it until a long time ago, but recently I came back when I hacked the contents of a certain ruby library. So I looked it up.

I can't name class so klass

You may not know what you are saying, but for example

def inspect_class(class)
  puts class.class


When you want to write the code. This will result in a syntax error. Because the keyword class is already defined as a reserved word in ruby.

At that time

def inspect_class(klass)
  puts klass.class


It will pass properly.


It is an impression that it is often written as an argument name of a method such as.

Especially in ruby's ActiveRecord, class (model) is often passed as an argument. (Rather, most frameworks do that.) I wonder if the keyword klass often appears in the ruby industry.

So, inspired by that, I feel like using python or something called klass.

that's all

As far as I can see the flow of the source, I believe that it is very important to hone my skills to investigate with interest in what I wondered, even though I thought "I'm sure that's the case", slightly or unconsciously. I will.



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