[PYTHON] Japanese localization setting of PyCharm

I hate English.

I'll do my best to read a few documents, but PyCharm has too many settings and I find it very painful.

When I was looking for a setting for Japanese localization, the author of Pleiades, which is an Eclipse, had a very easy-to-understand explanation of Japanese localization using Pleiades, so I put it in PyCharm.

For those who know it differently, I recommend reading Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA Japanese localization and settings.

I wrote this article because the above article did not hit even if I googled "PyCharm Japaneseization", so there are a lot of quotations. If the author of the quote gets angry, I will erase it immediately.


What is Pleiades

Pleiades does not utilize IntelliJ or Eclipse-specific plug-in mechanism, but is AOP (cross-cutting concern solving technology) by bytecode manipulation when loading Java classes, and when executing the character string displayed on the screen. It is a general-purpose tool that can be rewritten and translated into Japanese. The license is EPL.

In the previous version of Pleiades, there were few parts that were translated into Japanese other than Eclipse, and there were parts that did not work, but this has been addressed. In addition, the speed has been increased by reviewing the processing, and there is almost no overhead due to Japanese localization after the first startup. However, of course, the load is not 0, so Pleiades is not recommended for environments where the target IDE itself is heavy or hardened.

I used to use it when I translated Eclipse into Japanese, but I was surprised to learn that I was doing such a great thing behind the scenes. It seems that it can be applied to various tools.

Procedure to translate into Japanese

Placement of Pleiades

Click "Download latest version" of Pleiades plugin from http://mergedoc.osdn.jp/ (Note: not All in One) to download.

<img src=https://qiita-image-store.s3.amazonaws.com/0/149712/38f89970-accb-2b99-7693-3b7ec3ab0ef3.png "0634ef38-af44-badb-934d-3726e24dcaa1.png width=700>

Extract the zip file and place plugins / jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades in the following location. The X.X part depends on the version. Basically, it works wherever you place it, but don't share one Pleiades in the same location with different IDEs and versions. Also, if you copy and use Pleiades that you are already using, be sure to delete the jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades / cache directory because it may not work properly or you may not be able to start it.

Windows: (User Home) /. AndroidStudioX.X/jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades macOS: (User Home) /Library/Preferences/AndroidStudioX.X/jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades

If you place it in the installation directory, it may be deleted when you update Android Studio, so place it in a directory other than the installation directory as described above.

With PyCharm


I placed it in.

Edit boot options

Edit the vmoptions file where the boot options are set. Editing is not recommended as the default vmoptions in the bin may be overwritten when you update the app itself. Instead, first create the following customized vmoptions from the menu with Help> Edit Custom VM Options ... The file for this customization takes precedence over the default. However, for Android Studio, the contents may be empty when created, so manually copy the contents from the vmoptions file in bin in the directory where you installed Android Studio.

Windows: (User Home) /. AndroidStudioX.X/studio64.exe.vmoptions macOS: (User Home) /Library/Preferences/AndroidStudioX.X/studio.vmoptions

Add the following options to the end of this vmoptions file. For the path to pleiades.jar, specify the full full path without using relative paths or ~. You can also specify a relative path, but it is safe to avoid IDEA-based IDEs because the interpretation of the current directory differs depending on the OS and environment. Also, Pleiades consumes up to 20 to 30 MB of memory, such as in the cache, so if you have enough memory, increase the value of -Xmx.

*.vmoptions -Xverify:none -javaagent: (full path where Pleiades is placed) /jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades/pleiades.jar

For Mac (app directory) Change English around line 6 of /Contents/Info.plist to Japanese. This is a specification to make the menu on the right side of the apple icon in the menu Japanese. (However, this file will be restored when you update Android Studio itself.)

Start PyCharm, open the appropriate project, and select [Help]> [Edit Custom VM Options ...] from the menu at the top of the window.

Copy the following statement into the displayed idea.vmoptions.


# custom PyCharm Community Edition VM options


--In the hogehoeg part, enter your own user name. --The allocated memory has been increased appropriately

Open the application folder, right-click on the PyCharm CE icon and select View Package Contents.

Change the 6th line of Contents / Info.plist to Japanese.

Restart PyCharm and check if it is in Japanese.


Pleiades No Majipa.

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