What kind of programming language is Python?


I'm Jijii, now 44 years old and recently started skateboarding. In general, I'm a good old man and a good old man.

** If you are interested, try it yourself. Act! !! ** ** With the belief that I've been interested in programming since the end of last year, and while working, I'm currently attending a programming school. This is the situation that is already in the final stage. Here, I learned Ruby, jQuery, Rails, etc. and made some web applications. In addition, we are currently working on a personal app.

I've been studying a lot so far, but ** I can't help but worry about the programming language called Python these days! !! ** ** This Python is fascinating for some reason ... What is Python ... Pa y Seo N ...?

I don't care about the introduction, but Here, I would like to write down what I learned about the programming language ** Python ** as a memorandum.

I hope it will be helpful for those who are interested in Python. Also, please do not hesitate to point out any mistakes in the description. Thank you.

Features of Python

--Python is a programming language developed by a Dutchman named Guido van Rossum in 1990.

--Simple grammar, easy to understand, and highly readable

――Since it is a highly versatile programming language, various developments are possible.

--Object-oriented language

--Abundant specialized libraries

There are more than tens of thousands of Python libraries available. It is said that there are the following libraries when roughly divided.

--Numerical calculation, signal processing, statistical processing --Image processing, audio processing, video processing --Web development, server, framework --Network --Database --Driver --Natural language processing

Since there are many libraries like this, efficient development is possible.

And as an example, it seems that it is used to build the following services.

What can you do?

--Automation of sorting --Automation of route optimization --Automatic response --Payment automation --Automation of data collection --Automation of data recording --Automatic trading of stocks --Automatic trading of virtual currency --Payment automation --Web application --Desktop application development --Development of artificial intelligence / machine learning --Plant and pet monitoring system --Toy AI tank --Autopilot of drone

I will omit the details this time, but it seems that you can do various things.

And finally,

“Existing patterned work is increasingly being replaced by robots and software with artificial intelligence, and developers in the field of artificial intelligence are needed instead.

As a result, there is a situation where people are gathering in Python, which is often used for artificial intelligence development. In addition, the ever-increasing use of big data as a management resource, personal consumption behavior that becomes more complicated due to smartphones and wearables, image analysis technology for security and autonomous driving, etc. You are there. 』\

... apparently ...

I'm looking forward to what kind of era will come in the future. I will always be curious and try new things so that I will not miss the times.


I searched and searched various things, but since I have only touched on the shallow part, I will learn various things from now on. However, I am considering how to learn. If you have any recommendations, thank you for your cooperation! !!

Reference article

15 things you can do with the recently talked-about language [Python](2020 version) [For beginners] 8 features of Python What is Python? Explaining features, merits, and study methods [for beginners]

I wrote it with reference to the above site. Thank you m (_ _) m

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