[PYTHON] The story of having a hard time introducing OpenCV with M1 MAC


<!-Description the beginning and outline-> I bought an M1 MacBook Air and tried to play with OpenCV triumphantly, but I had a lot of trouble, so I will make a note. I think there is a better way, so for your reference. Qiita is also a beginner so I don't know

table of contents

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  1. Environment
  2. Installation method
  3. References

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-Machine: MacBookAir 2020 M1 -Python: 3.8.2 (included from the beginning)

Installation procedure

① Install Xcode (may be unnecessary)

② Install Homebrew (maybe unnecessary)

④ Install Cmake (maybe unnecessary) Just in case, cmake gave an error when installing numpy. .. ..

brew install cmake

③ Install Anaconda See here

④ Install OpenCV See here

pip install opencv-python-headless :main module only

⑤ Execute! The test code looks like this

import cv2

img = cv2.imread('image.jpg')

cv2.imshow("image", img)

that's all!

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