[LINUX] python environment settings

If I didn't touch python for 2 months, I forgot about python.

It was quite unexpected. I've forgotten more than I expected ... I might forget this again ... So this time, make a note of how to set it.


Creating and enabling a virtual environment

Installation(For linux)
$ sudo apt install python3

Creating a virtual environment file
$ python3 -m venv virtual environment name

Enable virtual environment(For linux)
$ .The name of the virtual environment/bin/activate
The virtual environment is enabled when the following is displayed.
(Virtual environment name)path$ 

Exit the virtual environment.
()$ deactive

Package management

Install the package.
()$pip install package name

Check the installed packages.
()$ pip freeze

Save the list of installed packages.
()$ pip freeze >> requirements.txt

Install the package from the list.
()$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Uninstall the package.
()$pip uninstall package name


venv: Python Virtual Environment Management ↑ This may be easier to understand.

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