Go language learning record

What is Go language?

A programming language developed by Google in 2009. It is a statically typed language and is classified as a procedural language.

Why i learn go language

There are two main types.

Reason 1. I wanted to come into contact with a different type of language

So far, I have mainly studied Ruby and JavaScript, which are so-called "object-oriented" and "dynamically typed languages".

○ What is the difference between "dynamically typed language" and "statically typed language"? Roughly speaking, there is a "difference in whether to specify a type such as a string type or a numeric type when defining a variable". Not specified for dynamically typed languages, but must be specified for statically typed languages.

Reason 2. Go's future

Currently, the demand for Go language is growing. As with the number of job vacancies, it seems that it will technically become a future trend. Go is a language for developing microservices (web services that combine multiple independent web applications). Microservices are getting a lot of attention right now, and there is no doubt that Go will be used in development environments in the future.

So, about what I actually learned

No, it's really a rudimentary beginning, but let me output it. ..


One of the commands provided by Go to "output to the console".



Variable definition

Defined in "var variable name data type". Determining the type when defining a variable is fresh for me!

var name str = "Sato"
var age int = 24


I output it like this. I hope that beginners will be motivated to think that they are doing their best.

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