[PYTHON] Nogizaka recognition program (using Yolov5) Table of contents

This article is just a table of contents.

Table of contents (Yolov5)

⓵ System introduction https://qiita.com/asmg07/items/e3be94a3e0f0195c383b ⓶ Learning https://qiita.com/asmg07/items/01b429ad8443ac346f7f ⓷ About model construction https://qiita.com/asmg07/items/8502fe59b65f92d1e379 ④ About learning Yolo using GPU https://qiita.com/asmg07/items/0abad3e16886cb60ecef ⑤ Last https://qiita.com/asmg07/items/979d054d1b813afc8c74

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