[GoLang] Set a space at the beginning of the comment

1.First of all

Even if I googled, the solution (GoLand's official help) did not hit easily, so I wrote it. Personally, I sometimes forget about it when I installed GoLand on another PC, which is quite a problem.

1-1. What happens if you read this article

Spaces are automatically inserted at the beginning of comments when formatting, which makes it easier.

1-2. Target readers

People who are suffering from being unable to automatically put a space at the beginning of a comment in GoLand.

2. GoLand settings

Here is the official help Let me quote the formula.

  1. Open the settings window (File | Settings). 2.Editor|Code style|Click Go.
  2. Click the Other tab.
  3. Select the checkbox to add leading spaces to the comment.
  4. In the field, except for the comment space, click the Add button.
  5. Enter the name of the prefix you want to add as an exception (for example, easyjson).
  6. Click OK. code_style_add_leading_space_to_comments.png

This will put a blank line at the beginning of the comment when formatting.


Official Help

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